Testimonials from local athletes:



Beth RoddenI’ve been a professional climber for almost 20 years. Over the years I’ve seen a litany of health care professionals for numerous injuries that I have incurred. Patti is hands down one of the best people I have ever seen. She understands athletes and our bodies, and knows how to help us get back into the game. I began seeing her about a knee injury. After she helped with that, she started working on other problem spots with great results. She helped me start climbing again and is now a key component to my training regime. I have a handful of doctors and PT’s that I would travel large distances to see, and Patti is on that list.

Beth Rodden ~Professional Rock Climber




Randy Puro

I’ve been rock climbing seriously for nearly 20 years, and have recently begun to feel some ill effects from all the intense physical activity. I saw several professionals over the last year and a half in an attempt to address a truly troublesome tightness and imbalance in my upper back and neck, and Patti was the first person to really have a big impact. She’s totally awesome, and I couldn’t recommend someone more for her awareness of soft tissue needs, especially for athletic and active people.

Randy Puro ~ Professional Rock Climber




Juliet CoxI’m a competitive swimmer with a high-stress career and a cervical fusion. Patti has helped me resolve serious and chronic neck, upper back, shoulder, and elbow pain, and she’s improved my power and flexibility. My training time is limited, and recovery from training takes longer in my 40s than it did in my teens. But regular sessions with Patti keep me strong and pain-free, so that I can get the most benefit–and the most fun–out of my time in the pool and the Bay.

Juliet Cox ~ 2013 United States Masters Swimming 10K National Champion (W45-49)




Patty is pure magic. I’ve been going to her for massage therapy for 10 years to help keep me in shape for running. A couple of years ago I decided to redouble my training and racing efforts. I recently ran a significant personal best time int he 5K (at 36 years old!), in no small part thanks to Patti’s treatments. She’s knowledgeable, skilled, intuitive, and an all-round expert masseuse. I highly recommend her services.

Erin Hagan ~ PhD in Kinesiology and Elite Amateur Runner






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