Professional References


Patricia Halladay is an outstanding human and Sports Massage Therapist. Patricia provides a thorough and comprehensive approach to her practice which delivers results. Having collaborated with her for over 6 years. I can say with full confidence that I trust her incredibly skilled hands with any of my clients/patients. Ada Jauregui, Doctor of Physical Therapy, BIO Consultants | Injury Prediction, Prevention, & Intervention Consultant for The Oakland Raiders

In my orthopaedic physical therapy practice treating patients and professional, Olympic, collegiate, and world class athletes from around the country, I have over 40 years of experience working with massage therapists. I say without hesitation Patti Haladay ranks as one of the outstanding massage therapists in the country. I can refer a patient to her and know that my patient will be taken care of with the highest level of skill, knowledge and commitment.  Dan Dyrek, DPT – Sports Medicine Director for The Boston Red Sox & Indiana Pacers

With my highest confidence, I recommend Patti Haladay as a sports massage therapist. As a physical therapist, I recognize the need for stretching, strengthening, balance and power. Patti is a skilled massage therapist and she adds the soft tissue aspect to rehabilitation clients. A few years ago, I needed shoulder surgery myself. Patti’s skills were a crucial part of my recovery. She was gentle and respectful of my limited range of motion in the early stages. Later, she was able to be more aggressive, and helped me attain the last bits of my range of motion. She was able to utilize several different soft tissue techniques to achieve the desired outcome. Patti and I have also teamed up several times when rehabilitating clients. She tackles the soft tissue aspects of the clients’ needs, which allows me to focus on other components of the rehabilitation process. From the professional athlete, to the weekend warrior, to the “regular” person who happens to sustain an injury, Patti has been able to help each individual return to a level of performance with which the person desires.  Andrea Long, Physical Therapist at Sports Orthopedic Specialist, Oakland

If you are ever given the opportunity to have Patti work on you, I would HIGHLY recommend her! She certainly has a gift when it comes to assessing the body and coming up with a productive way of bringing movement and performance back to the body! I have worked with her professionally helping professional/elite athletes, as I am also a soft tissue therapist and have been very impressed with her technique! She is positive, encouraging and effective! Give her a call! Your life WILL be improved!  Trisha Haws, Co-owner of Movement Restoration, Scottsdale, AZ